Church Survey

In 2005 the results of a nationwide church survey were published identifying the reasons for the decline of churchgoing in the UK. It featured on BBC2 Newsnight and in the national press and was sent to thousands of churches across Britain. It is a unique and thought provoking document highlighting  what needs to be done to help people find personal faith in the Lord Jesus.

The Church Survey contains inspirational material for the individual, for church magazines, house groups etc and also contains serious prophetic warnings concerning  the future of the UK.

The results of the church survey led to the birth of Internet Pulpit. The following is a list of some of the topics covered in the survey….

Evidence for the Christian faith (pages 11-14)
The Holiness of God (pages 16-20)
Which Church should I attend? (pages 22-28)
The Second Coming of Christ (pages 29-34)
Prophecy regarding our nation (pages 31-33)
Predictions of 9/11 (page 34)
Suffering and God (page 42)
The Christian Party (pages 43-46)
Useful websites for further study (pages 13, 27 & 30)