Jesus is the answer to life's problems

Some years ago a news correspondent was forced to jump from a crippled plane over New Guinea.  He landed safely and sought to find his way out of the jungle.  Up the mountains, down the rivers, though the thick jungle growth he travelled, only to return discouraged to his starting point.  He was skilled in survival techniques so he had plenty of food – but he simply couldn’t find his way out.  Day after day, week by week, he took one way after the other, but there was no road.  At last after he had all but given up hope, he eventually came upon a break in the tall grass where apparently some animal had passed.  Following the break he found himself on a narrow road.  What joy! Later he was found by missionaries and taken to safety. 

Think what the road meant to that correspondent, it was the way of life!  Now there is an important spiritual application to this story.  Many people today are equally lost and confused by what is happening to the world and to their own personal lives. They are wandering through the wilderness of modern society looking for some guidance, security, or help to get them through a whole myriad of problems.  Many are facing unemployment, financial troubles, relationship issues, despair and depression; the list is endless.  Indeed, every time one listens to the news it is more of the same – bad news!  Lives are falling apart and people don’t know where to turn.  Thankfully, however, there is a “Way” that has been provided for us through life’s problems.

This way does indeed give the help, guidance and security we need.  Jesus said of Himself, “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life.” (John Ch 14 v 6) “He who comes to Me shall never hunger and he who believes in Me will never thirst.”  (John Ch 6 v35).  He wasn’t speaking of literal hunger and thirst, but used this to illustrate something far more important.  Those who follow Me, will never be left without comfort, they will never be left without guidance, and they will never be left without hope.  Those who follow Me will have supernatural help and assistance given to them so they don’t “fall apart”. If we are open to Jesus and willing to follow Him in our hearts we can be sure He will supernaturally help us with our problems, no matter what those problems may be.  The reality is that Jesus wants to be involved in our lives; “The Way” lies open before us if we choose to follow it.

When searching for David Livingstone, Henry Stanley had a most unusual experience.  He met up with King Mutesa in Uganda as part of his search.  He was received with open arms and it was explained to him that shortly before his arrival, the queen had had a strange dream about the white man’s God and His Son Jesus Christ.  She related this dream to Stanley and begged to know more about the True and Living God.  Both the king and queen pleaded with Stanley to send a letter to England and ask for a missionary teacher to be sent to instruct them in the Christian Way.  They perceived that this “dream” had a supernatural origin and that it was pointing them to the correct way they should conduct their lives through all the various difficulties they were experiencing.  The end result was that the Church Missionary Society sent several missionary teachers to the king and queen after this amazing experience was reported in The Daily Telegraph and aroused national interest.   

Today we don’t need a dream to tell us that Jesus provides “The Way” through life’s problems, we have enough information to tell us that already!  Is Britain better off because it has got rid of the Bible?  Can you think of anyone who once was a devoted Christian who is now happier and more secure because he or she gave up their faith?  Of course not!  Jesus really is The Way and those who take Him seriously and open their hearts to Him find He will become active and involved in their lives and give them all the help they need to overcome life’s problems.