You are important to God

In the fourteenth century an Italian artist was asked to design and create a huge portrait window for the cathedral in Chartres, France.  As he designed the window, he laid out all the pieces he was going to use on the floor of the cathedral.  They were beautiful to behold and most of them were large and colourful.  Some of the colours from that time cannot even be reproduced today.  Among these awesome pieces of glass was a small clear piece about as large as your fingernail.  As the stained glass window was assembled that little piece got forgotten and was left on the ground.

When the window was completed, many people gathered for it’s unveiling.  In front of a large crowd the artist dramatically pulled back the curtain.  Everyone stared in awe at the beauty of Christ.  The artist however, was unhappy.  He had noticed something missing!  He searched the floor and found that little piece of glass.  Then with the help from some of the crowd he inserted that clear piece of glass right into the centre of Jesus’ eye.  At last the portrait really was complete and its magnificence still draws visitors to this very day.

Now this true story teaches a great Biblical truth.  It reminds us that every “piece of glass” or every individual is important in the sight of the Great Architect of the Universe.  Just as every piece of glass          was important to the earthly artist, Scripture teaches that every individual is of equal importance to God.  Jesus stated  in Luke ch 12vs 6-7 “are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins yet not one of them is forgotten before God, but even the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” 

When Jesus came to this earth 2000 years ago for whom did He come? He was born for the benefit and salvation of each and every one of us equally.  He didn’t come for just some people; He was born for your sake, just as much as for my sake.  The salvation that He offers is free to absolutely anyone who repents and follows Him irrespective of  race, colour or status in life.  Every person is of equal worth in the eyes of God, and every person can say that Jesus was born for their sake, just as much as for anyone else’s benefit.

Recently, I showed a documentary explaining the mind blowing complexity of both DNA and the human cells which go to make up the body.  Both are complex beyond our wildest imagination and clearly reveal that there is nothing in nature which suggests God neglects “little things”.  The human cell is the ultimate “micromachine” and DNA is more complex than any computer programme.  Not one thing suggests God doesn’t care about so called “small things” indeed its quite the reverse! The film also revealed in astonishing detail how some bacteria have tiny “tails” (flagellum) so they can move.  Under the electron microscope it has been discovered that the micromotors which drive and power these tiny “tails” have more than forty separate parts all working together simultaneously.  They are like tiny outboard motors.

All these discoveries make us marvel at the Designer and Architect of the Universe and His interest in tiny detail.  Or again, if you examine a small shell on the seashore, you will notice that it is “fully finished” right down to the tiniest detail as though it alone had been the only shell made in the world. All these facts remind us that it really is true “the hairs on your head are all numbered!”  It really is true God cares for you individually as much as anyone else!  It really is true God wants to be part of your life!  It really is true that God is profoundly interested in all your various problems, fears and worries, just as much as in the person next door.  Jesus was born so we could enter into Fellowship with God.  God is not interested in your achievements or your lack of achievement; He is interested in you as a person. 
What God desires from you is your individual companionship with Him. As individuals we are each being called to have a personal and living relationship with the Creator of the Universe and until we begin that special relationship there will always be something missing in our lives and in our hearts.