Daily devotional material

If you are looking for free devotional  material   to “feed you” on a daily basis, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Word at Work

Word at Work is a free short email delivered daily to your inbox. It gives one or two Bible verses with an explanation and prayer. It is particularly aimed at busy people!

Our Daily Bread

“Our Daily Bread” gives a free reading every day with a short illustration or story. This can be received via email or if preferred in booklet form.
The same organisation also produces short booklets on hundreds of topics covering; moral issues, understanding   specific books in the Bible, looking at the evidence for God, doctrine and dealing with difficulties such as depression, divorce, parenting etc. The selection seems to cover just about every subject imaginable!

This material can be obtained free from www.rbc.org

UCB (United Christian Broadcasters)

UCB produces a free booklet with daily devotional material called “The Word for Today”.  It’s really down to personal taste as to whether one prefers this or “Our Daily Bread”. Both fulfil the same role and are as good as each other. I know plenty of people who get both!

Then again there is UCB radio.  This is available nationwide on DAB radio. It is very encouraging to have radio programmes on Biblical issues. Some of these broadcasts are particularly helpful and  inspirational when going through difficult times.