When Fables Fall

After the publication of “When Fables Fall” in 2011 one  Anglican Church minister commented “In twenty-eight years of full time ministry this is the most useful resource I have ever come across for strengthening and deepening people in their Christian faith.”

From those who hold leadership roles in Bible study groups and Christian fellowships, to individuals trying to strengthen their own personal faith in the Lord, this book will be of the most profound use.

When Arthur Green found his faith in Scripture under attack from liberal church leaders, his response was to conduct a detailed examination of evidence which proves the authenticity and trustworthiness of the Bible. His research lasted for several years and the book is a summary of this brilliant work. It highlights various reasons why we can be certain that the Bible is the accurate Word of God and it further provides  a “broadside” against liberal church thinking on issues such as human sexuality, as well as evolution.

The timing of this book is Providential as it answers the challenges of liberal thinking with evidence and proof which is rarely mentioned to “the people in the pew”. It will strengthen and deepen the faith of those who read it. If you enjoy the articles you read on Internet Pulpit then you will equally enjoy “When Fables Fall”. It is  full of facts and information which will not only help your own faith but will be useful as you try to defend and share your faith with others.

It is available from the publishers (Sovereign World Ltd), Creation Ministries International, Eden Books, Amazon, as well as most Christian Bookshops and distributors. It is also available as an ebook in Kindle format from Amazon and iTunes format from Apple.

ISBN 978-1852405939